Search Marketing Campaign – Client Questionnaire

Search Marketing Promotion Campaign – Client Questionnaire
Please complete the following form so we can initiate your project. It's lengthy, but it will pay off in better results!
  • Please provide a brief description of your business
  • Please provide a brief description of your typical customers. We generally find that most businesses will have 3 - 6 typical customer types. Think about what problems, needs and goals your customers have when describing each type.
  • Describe the features and benefits of each product or service that you wish to promote on your website. If your business has hundreds of products or services, look at the main features that your business offers as a whole and describe the benefits associated with those features.

    Remember . . . a feature describes what the product is; whereas a benefit describes what the product will do for your customer.
  • What is it that makes your company and its products & services unique and better than anyone else’s on the market?

    Go through the list of benefits and features that you produced in the previous segment on products & services and match them up to your list of customer goals, problems and needs.

    Generally, your USP is the benefit that seems to crop up again and again. And ideally your USP should directly match one of the customer's major problems, goals or needs.

    Summarise your USP into a powerful, motivating phrase, which will be extremely persuasive and compelling to your target customer.
    Please indicate the objective of your website - are you looking for direct sales or is lead generation via phone calls, email enquiries and store visits more appropriate?
  • Which geographic areas do you wish to target online?
  • Do you have more than one store location that you wish to promote? Provide details here.
  • List the website URL of your 5 main competitors (one per line).
  • List 3 - 5 primary keywords (or keyphrases) that you would like to rank for on Google. Again, one per line please.
  • List 5 -10 secondary keyword targets (one per line)
  • Please provide the name and contact details for the person and company responsible for developing and maintaining your website.
  • Do you have any company sponsored research data, special reports or articles that could be published on the web?
  • If so, please provide brief details.
  • Please provide an indication of the total monthly budget you have in mind for web promotion.