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I have a question for you . . . how do you ensure your website and your brand stay top of mind for your prospects after they leave your site?

How do you continue to build trust and authority so that they come to view you and your company as the experts?

And how do you position yourself to send prospects offer after offer over time without being seen as a spammer?

Permission based email marketing is the cost effective way to engage your visitors long after they have left your site with a series of content rich messages designed to build trust and authority, position you as the expert and allow you to make one offer after another . . . sending your conversion rates through the roof.

What is permission based email marketing?

Permission based email is where you invite your prospect to give their permission for you to send them a series of email messages, typically in the form of a newsletter or a series of ‘how-to’ articles on a specific topic.

The mechanics involve having the prospect ‘subscribe’ via a form on your website, then confirm that subscription via a response to an automated email sent to the email address they supplied.

This is called a ‘double opt-in’ system.

The best way to maximize uptake is to offer a compelling reason for visitors to subscribe in the first instance.

You can see an example of this right here on this page with the free report offer to your right.

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Okay . . . I can hear you saying to yourself “but I don’t have time to write a free report, let alone a newsletter every month!”. That’s where we can help:

  • We can facilitate the production of your free report and ongoing content
  • We can queue up content to be delivered to new subscribers according to a specific schedule (ie the same compelling content is efficiently redeployed over and over . . . but only once per subscriber)
  • We can broadcast new ‘one-off’ content to all subscribers on your list in a single mail-shot at any time

So what does this look like when combined to make a cost effective email marketing campaign?

Imagine for a moment that you own a vegetarian restaurant and you ask us to create and manage your email marketing campaign.

First, we might commission a freelance writer to assemble a collection of vegetarian recipes supplied by yourself into an ebook that will be used as your initial signup incentive.

Next, we might have that same freelancer compose a series of short articles on the do’s and don’ts of vegetarian diets. These articles are delivered automatically over time via email. They are designed to consolidate your position as an expert and get the subscriber accustomed to receiving valuable free content from you.

Finally, the subscriber is automatically inducted into your new Coupon of the Month club . . . a compelling new offer that goes out every month offering a special ‘subscriber only’ discount on your products and services.

Simply tell us what your new offer is every month and we’ll create a coupon and post it to your website and the business listing we maintain for you on Google Places:

Note the tracking code in the coupon above. As with all other forms of marketing we carry out on your behalf, tracking the results of your email campaigns is vital.

Customers print out these coupons and redeem them in-store. When they do, your staff simply notes the tracking code in a register kept for that purpose so you can calculate your return on investment.

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The 7 Secrets of
Websites That Sell
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