Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the term used to describe the strategies and techniques employed to promote web properties and assets up the rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Search engines use complex algorithms to automate the process of deciding who gets ranked where in their free, organic results. While the exact components of these algorithms will always remain a closely guarded secret, the major players (such as Google) offer enough guidance on best practice that the SEO community has been able to establish effective strategies and techniques to boost any particular website in the rankings at the expense of competitors.

In recent times, Google in particular has given much more prominence to business listings attached to it’s Maps product (dubbed Google Places) when serving up results for queries with local intent, however the traditional organic results remain important for maximum exposure. For that reason, search engine optimization forms a core part of the services we offer.

It’s worth noting in this respect that traditional SEO strategies can be applied not just to websites, but other types of content as well. For example, keyword specific articles and videos hosted on respected 3rd party sites and linked back to your site, can themselves be promoted in the search results. This is known as content marketing. Done properly, it can allow you to dominate your competitors with multiple page one search results for a single keyword.

Video marketing is an especially potent form of content marketing. Led by Google, all the search engines have shown a particular enthusiasm for video in their organic results. Add to that the almost insatiable appetite for video amongst web users and it means even small local businesses have a golden opportunity to get their own highly effective marketing message ranked quickly where it matters most . . . page one of Google and YouTube.

That’s why we also offer local business our own video marketing service.

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